Immediate Dental Care
Available for the Residents of Ellendale, TN


If you are dealing with pain in your teeth or gums you do not have let it go untreated until your regular dentist is open. In fact, waiting too long for treatment can be risky because pain and swelling is typically a sign that something is very wrong and it is unlikely to go away on it’s own.

A dental emergency is a serious problem and you should seek medical attention immediately!

The office of Hayes Family and Cosmetic Dentistry is available for handling all dental emergencies. We are just a phone call and a short ride away for people living in Ellendale. So, if you need a dentist right now…call us.

Emergency Dental Care for Residents of Ellendale, TN


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Emergency toothache? Call a dentist

What Constitutes A Dental Emergency?

People often call us with urgent questions, wondering if they are facing a dental emergency. While you will never be turned away when you need a dental professional, you should be aware of what constitutes an emergency, and what can wait until a regular appointment can be scheduled.

A Fractured Tooth

While not all fractured teeth are considered cause for an emergency visit, many are. If you are in extreme pain or the fracture is severe, you should have it looked at right away.

Serious Swelling

Any sudden discomfort with swelling can be a sign of infection, so examine your mouth closely. If you notice any area of your gums to be swollen, consider it an emergency and pick up the phone.

If Your Tooth Is Completely Knocked Out

Apply a compress to stop bleeding if you’ve lost a tooth completely, then make arrangements to have it seen right away. Bring the tooth with you too, as we may be able to re-implant it if you can get to us in time.

When Your Tooth Is Extruded

This means that your tooth has been somehow displaced from where it is suppose to be, either having been pushed forward or backward. Do not attempt to readjust it, just wait until we can see you instead.

An Abscessed Tooth

You can recognize an abscessed tooth by the discoloration, swelling and formation of pus. Even if there was no extenuating circumstances leading up to this condition, you do have a dental emergency on your hands. An abscessed tooth can be infected, and that needs to be addressed immediately.

When in doubt, always give us a call. We can clarify the urgency of your situation, and offer reassurances. If you’ve got a real emergency on your hands, be prepared to make the trip over at once. If not, simply mark your calender and we will look forward to seeing you then.

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